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Rolls-Roys Cars have initially proved themselves as the best luxury cars combining the beauty, style, comfort, uniqueness and every detail of the car complements its status. Wide forms of the car, the extended base, soft sofas in salon, snow-white colour, wide doorways and many other advantages are listed by owners of the Rolls-Roys, as well as by those who have at least once enjoyed the trip in this car.

The over mentioned advantages do make the Rolls-Roys cars the most popular in arranging the wedding cortege. But like every auto manufacturer, the Rolls-Roys manufacturer has also a leader among the wedding Rolls-Roys cars and it is the “Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud”. The car that was produced in the 50’s and became a real legend; for today it has already become a classic among cars and, of course, crept into the hearts of all newlyweds. Everyone, who had the Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud car in their wedding cortege say, that the Wedding Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud is the same necessary accessory as a white wedding dress or a man’s tailcoat; and they are undoubtedly right, because only Rolls-Roys by itself can be better and more comfortable than Rolls-Roys.

The Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud for wedding celebration combines all the necessary qualities for a wedding car: a snow-white color, comfortable and pleasant interior of a car, made of beige leather with wood trim; smoothness and softness of the wedding car; it attracts attention and does not disappoint anyone, who will will look at it and, finally, after all, it is the Rolls-Roys, the car, name of which already makes clear for us that this is the best car.

Lux Wedding Car Hire Company offers you a completely restored “White Wedding Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud 1” for rent to the wedding. Our wedding car is fully prepared for the celebration: when the car was being restored, all the 50’s details of the car of were preserved, just the running gear was improved for a smoother ride. The light coloured leather salon of “The Wedding Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud” will decorate your celebration and will make your wedding train the best. “It’s worth it!” – say absolutely everybody of our clients who ordered “The Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud” for their wedding.

In addition to “The Rolls-Roys Silver Cloud 1” car, we can help you in providing all your guests with vehicles of such very known trading marks as: Mercedes Viano, Mercedes Sprinter, Volvo Coach and so on.