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Classic Car hire London

The Best Classic Wedding Car Hire Service in the Industry

Vintage cars are unique. Every one of us wanted to use classic car hire services at least once in a lifetime. Be it Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 or a Bentley MKVI, we all would love to take a ride. The sleek internals and the roaring motor coupled with the all-time favourite looks, what’s not to like here. Imagine driving a classy car on the  London road, listening to some classic tunes. With our company, this dream is a reality as we offer the best classic car hire service in the industry.

Our classic car hire company started as a small business that focused mainly on regular car rent. However, over the past years, the industry needs have changed, and vintage  vehicles have become trendy. We have a vast assortment of classic cars at our disposal, thus, there’s a choice for everyone. Our company offers the best classic car hire experience in the industry as we maintain, clean and repair all of our rare cars using only original parts. If you want a wedding car or simply looking for a classic hire, we have everything as cars for hire is what we do for a living.

Classic Car Hire: Our Vision and Value

Our mission is to deliver an authentic experience of a classic hire. Cars are like yachts as you need to care about them and maintain their engine. Without proper a proper check, the vehicle will not be the same as it was initially released. If you decided to rent classic cars somewhere else, you need to understand that companies employ modern parts. They ruin the feel and look of the vehicle as well as they don’t not transcend the same level of adrenaline from a classic car hire experience. Old classic cars feature elements that are no longer available or not allowed in modern car building industry. Wooden panels, leather seats, and even old paint contribute to the overall feel. If you are in search of an excellent, vintage car, we offer genuine classic car hire vehicles for a reasonable price.

Classic Car Hire Assortment and Terms of Use

We have a massive amount of classic & vintage cars available to all our clients. From Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1 to Bentley S3 or Bentley MKVI, we offer everything. If you need a speedy one, go with the Rolls Royce Ghost, or maybe you need something slower but classier? Then the Austin Princess Limousine  1957 will make everyone jealous. Also, English traditional Fairway Taxis offer an original and funky wedding car solutions for bride & groom.

There is a lot to pick from, and we have the classic hire cars for special occasions, including classic wedding cars, and a selection of vintage convertible car options. If you decided to go for a classic car hire with us, we would do everything for you, from the color of the car’s ribbons and floral decorations to the carefully planned routes and pick up times.

We will work with you to make sure everything is flawless. If you chose our classic car hire company, you won’t need to stay in lines all day to make an order, and we even offer gift vouchers to our loyal customers. Be it a simple wedding car hire or that perfect gift for your loved one, we got you covered.

Classic Car Hire: Why Us?

Because we have everything to make your dream come true. If you are a car enthusiast than rest assured as we have the most popular classic cars that will satisfy all your needs. Our classic car hire company delivers the most authentic vehicles in the industry, and that’s what makes us different from the rest.  

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