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Weddings are a traditional celebration, providing a milestone for long lasting relationships worldwide. It isn’t called the special day for nothing; weddings can truly be the highlight of anybody’s life when done properly. The traditional weddings we see today were popularized by the late Queen Victoria, in London. With a white dress, dainty veil and a loving husband, she traveled down the aisle and set a new trend with this celebrated commitment. The famous monarch described her day as ‘the happiest of her life’, and this rings true with the days that follow suit with the ways of the Queen.

Nowadays, weddings are moving away from these traditional ways. They are often rushed, as dazed lovers are more than happy to say the words sooner rather than later. This means the fundamental values of what Queen Victoria set in London that day are slipping away. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen, and restore the joy, excitement and importance of these special occasions. Ensuring we stick to these values, we can retain and relive the vintage way of doing things.

One of the vital parts to the day is the hire of the car. Not only does it start and end the day, it is an overlooked accessory to the bride, and can compliment the day in a subtle and effective way. Newer cars often give an empty and sameish feel to the day you so desperately want to be unique and personal to you, so why settle? Using a vintage wedding car hire can make the day. Arriving in style, the crowds will be in awe of your head-turning car rolling through the streets of London as you arrive to make the ultimate commitment; you do not want any half measures.

Lux Wedding Car Hire  prestigious array of vehicles  include: Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1, Bentley MK VI, Bentley S3, Austin Vanden Plas Limousine, Taxi Fairway, Taxi TX 4, Mercedes S 350 AMG, Mercedes V class, Mercedes Viano Mercedes Sprinter (9 seats), Mercedes Sprinter (12 seats), Mercedes Sprinter (16 seats), Mercedes Sprinter (30 seats), Volvo (49 seats) and the Volvo (55 seats).

So if you need car hire for any occasion then feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, and you can look forward to being another one of our happy and satisfied customers.

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