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Should You Hire a Wedding Car?

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding will tell that that between clothes, venues, food, drinks, travel and guests, things can get expensive rather quickly. For lots of us, we begin with a ‘must have’ that gets quickly cut down to size. Along the way, we even lose some of those things we considered essential just a few weeks earlier. It’s a natural part of the planning stage, and whilst some things prove easy to cut, there are some which are some left with a question mark. One of those things is lux wedding car hire, so is it worth it?

The real question you have to ask yourself is how much of the wedding experience you’re willing to sacrifice? Of course, weddings are about more than just the couple to be wed, but in the quest to give our guests a great day, lots of us cut back on the things that would make ourselves happy.

Your wedding is a series of moments you’ll never have again; waking up early with a grin as wide as your eyes, a gorgeous wedding ceremony, your first married kiss and your first dance. All of these moments will stay with you forever, and will be as unique and special as you are. It follows, then, that how you arrive to those moments should be special too.

Whether it’s a classic, vintage or modern wedding car you choose, you’ll be enjoying a once in a lifetime experience that will stick with you forever. It can be tempting to simply call up your friend with the nicest car, but you’ll be missing out on the unique thrill of arriving in a rare, luxurious and stunning car. Imagine the look on your guest’s faces and picture how special you’ll both feel as you climb into that awe inspiring machine as a married couple.

Whether it’s wedding car hire in Canary Warf or wedding car hire anywhere in the world you’re considering, we’d always recommend finding the extra money and renting a car for the day. The result it always the same – a delighted couple and a wowed party. So, in amongst the planning you’re doing for everyone else, take a moment to consider yourselves, and hire a lux wedding car for your big day.

So if you need car hire for any occasion then feel free to give us a call or drop us an email, and you can look forward to being another one of our happy and satisfied customers.

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